Sunday 29 December 2013

Install zend debugger for php 5.4.x on Mac OSX 10.9 64bit

After updating to OSX10.9, the default php shipped with OSX is updated to 5.4. doesn't publicly provide a zend debugger for php5.4. The files used in this article are shipped with zend server. Here is the steps to install zend debugger for php5.4 on Mac OSX 10.9 64bit.

Step 1. Download (download linkfrom

Step 2. Put to somewhere like /Library/WebServer/Documents/zend_debugger.

Step 3. Modify php.ini. The default configuration file used by Mac OS is at /private/etc/php.ini. Admin permission is required to modify this file. So go to /Applications/Utilities and open Terminal. Enter sudo nano /private/etc/php.ini. Jump to the end of this file and add 
zend_debugger.allow_hosts=, localhost
Control+x to save this file. You'd better comment out Xdebug if it is enabled. (There is also a full version of debug configure available at which is shipped with zend server.)

Step 4. Download dummy.php from Put it in your web server root document fold. By default, it is /Library/WebServer/Documents.

Step 5. Restart apache. In Terminal, enter sudo apachectl restart.

Step 6. Choose to use zend debugger in zend studio or eclipse.

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